Sunday, 26 August 2012

Windows 8 Enterprise First Look - Part 3

Overview of Tile-based Interface Apps

Microsoft account Integrated Apps
We have seen Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging as Preview App in Release Preview and these apps are now default apps in Windows 8 Release To Manufacturing (RTM).  These apps integrate and work with Microsoft account and require internet connection for information retrieving.

Bing powered Apps
In Windows 8 Release To Manufacturing (RTM) apps like Weather, Finance, News, Maps, Travel and Sports are powered by Bing.  Bing is included as an app by itself on tile-based interface, the Bing searching built-in with certain intelligence where it provides better searching experience to user.

Administration Tools - Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool
There are I would like to focus Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool which is a bundled app in Windows 8 RTM in this post.  I think this is an useful app for anyone to diagnose memory problems (if any) as memory problems can sometimes cause loosing of information or computer stop working. By default, the administration tool is not show on the interface, you may enable Windows to show to the tool by following the below steps:

Move mouse to the right lower corner to to bring up start menu and select Settings

Select Tiles under Settings and exit menu

Select Show administrative tools

Administrative tools are on the tile display on tile apps now, these are familiar apps also available on Windows 7.  To run start Windows Memory Diagnostic, click on the tile.

Windows Memory Diagnostic will run in Desktop mode, you may start to check now follow by a restart if you choose the first option 

or you may check for problems the next time you start your computer if you go for second option.

Memory diagnostics is running test 1 of 2

Memory diagnostics is running test 2 of 2.
Windows will restart computer automatically once memory check completed.

Under the Options menu, you may choose type of test mix.  By default, the test mix is set as Standard 

Basic test mix

Extended test mix

 Test results will up after you log on to Windows

or you may check out the results in Event Viewer

There are more interesting apps on Windows 8 and I will share them in my coming my next post, stay tune.

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