Thursday, 8 December 2011

Experience Windows Phone on your Android or iPhone ... Awesome demo!

Microsoft has released a webpage that allow iPhone and Android smartphone to experience Windows Phone interface and features. The demo works well on iPhone and Android smartphone, awesome demo!  Thanks to the team who created this demo.

Below are few screenshots captured from an iPhone:

The front page of the Windows Phone webpage - tap on Demo now to launch the Windows Phone demo:

Welcome screen with instruction given on screen & Windows Phone demo is ready to start from this screen:

Here you go, the Windows Phone main Tiles menu demo on my iPhone (I have tried the demo on a Android smartphone and it works perfectly fine)

The tap and swipe works well when changing to next/other tile and you just got to try it on your smartphone :)

The Messenging menu:

Note: The demo does not on desktop or laptop based on the platform tested so far.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Microsoft Windows Intune

Have you heard of Windows Intune?
Microsoft Windows Intune was introduced in mid of 2011, it is cloud-based subscription desktop management solution where it allows to manage your desktop via browser anywhere, anytime.

Personally, I feel that Windows Intune is good to start with the below situation as these are the computers where IT Administrator face challenges:
  • branches with limited IT resources
  • branches with limited bandwidth
  • non-domained joined computers
  • on the road (roaming) computers
And since it is based on subscription basis with an monthly payment at approximately US$11 per PC per month, so you can forecast expenditures more accurately.  :)

For detail and free trial, check out official Windows Intune at