Friday, 2 March 2012

Windows 8 Consumer Preview, 32-bit (x86) First Look

Microsoft has released The Windows 8 Consumer Preview on 29th Feb 2012 and I have done a fresh installation of Windows 8 Consumer Preview on both Hyper-V and physical computer, the installation was smooth, fast and quite similar to Windows 8 Developer Preview released September last year. 

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO Image is available for download at

And I have captured Installation screenshot to share with you in this post and my next post will look at the look and feel comparison between both Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Developer Preview.

Installation Walk-through

This is the first screen after boot up from ISO, a new screen which has not been seen in Developer Preview.
Insteresting!  A fish picture on the screen.

Language selection

Select Install now to proceed

Setup is starting

Product key is required on the Consumer Preview, key is available on ISO download page

 As usual, accept the license term to proceed

Select the installation type to proceed

Select and setup the space for installation

Windows setup installation in progress

Installation should proceed accordingly

Windows Setup prompt for restart to complete installation

Windows restart and getting system ready

Personalization of Windows

Follow by Settings of Windows

Finalizing settings

A small wecome screen before the Metro UI screen

Here you go, the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Desktop / Metro UI !!  I see some new interesting tiles on the screen :)

Stay tunned for more about Windows 8 Consumer Preview.