Sunday, 19 August 2012

Windows 8 Enterprise First Look - Part 1

Windows 8 Enterprise 

Earlier this month, the final version of Windows 8 has released to manufacturing (RTM).  Consumer should expect the preloaded Windows 8 launch in in October.  Between now till October, Windows 8 Enterprise 90 day Evaluation is available for public for download to hands on and test drive Windows 8 RTM.  I have downloaded and installed both 32 bit & 64 bit Windows 8 Enterprise to try out the latest Windows client operating system.  I will share with you in few posts, from the installation to the first look of the Windows and later working with the apps on Windows 8 Enterprise.

Step by Step Installation of Windows 8 Enterprise

The below step by step installation is based on Windows 8 Enterprise 64 bit image.  The installation process has not changed much from Release Preview.

The start screen of Windows 8 Installation

 Select Language, Time & Currency and Keyboard input method

Click Installation now to start wizard

Setup is starting ...

Software license agreement wizard

Installation type selection

Select Partition for Windows Installation

Installation Windows

Getting files ready for installation

 Finishing installation

Settings will start after restart

Express Settings wizard start here

Personalization of Windows theme

Sign in to Windows 8 with a Microsoft Account

or Sign in with a Local Account

Entering account credential

Finalizing settings ...

A new message screen by Windows 8

A message by screen by Windows 8 while waiting for Windows 8 ready

Windows 8 will be ready in minutes

New welcome screen which only seen in Windows 8 RTM

Enter password to enter Windows 8 Enterprise

Here you go, the final product, Windows 8 Enterprise

I will write about an overview of Windows 8 Enterprise RTM and walk-though the first look of Windows 8 with a lot of pictures in my next post, Windows 8 Enterprise First Look - Part 2.  See you!

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