Friday, 18 October 2013

Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64 RTM - First Look (Part 4)

The Windows 8.1 Search has a new approach where the Search is integrated with Bing search engine which makes searching of information much efficient and faster by skipping a step to launch the browser.  It is an awesome idea and you should try and start using this approach once you have your Windows 8.1 upgraded  :)

The following are some snapshots of the Windows 8.1 search simply to share the good feature with you :)

Press Windows key + C to bring up Charm bar, you will find Search icon on the top of the bar

Click on the Search icon, if you type in the syntax that you will like to search, by default Windows 8.1 Search will search Everywhere

You may now choose to search Everywhere, Settings, Files, Web images and Web videos when you click on the drop down menu

Everywhere - Search everywhere on your computer

Settings - Search items on PC Settings only

Web images - you may search images on the web and it is powered by Bing search engine

Below is the result from the Web image search

Web videos- you may search videos on the web and it is powered by Bing search engine

Below is the result from the Web videos search

You may choose to turn on and off Bing search on by changing the PC Settings

Let's try out the new Search approach :)


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