Wednesday, 8 May 2013

What if I remove Windows To Go USB drive while it is running?

What happens if Windows To Go USB drive remove from a USB port while it is running?

Below are the outcomes from my testing in the summary:

  • If the Windows To Go drive is removed, the computer will freeze and the user will have 60 seconds to reinsert the Windows To Go USB drive to USB port.  

  • If the Windows To Go drive is reinserted into the same port it was removed from within 60 seconds, Windows will resume at the point where the drive was removed.  Below Windows warning message will  prompt the user, "Keep the USB drive plugged in, Only remove it after your PC has shut down completely.  Otherwise, your Windows To Go workspace might crash and you could lose data."

  • If the USB drive is not reinserted, or is reinserted into a different port, the host computer will turn off after 60 seconds follow by a Windows 8 Blue Screen or BYOD for example the below:

Note: Remove of  USB drive Windows To Go USB while Windows still running for several times without proper shut down may corrupt Windows and may require a rebuild of Windows To Go workspace.

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