Sunday, 23 September 2012

Windows 8 - Windows Explorer Improvement


Windows 8 comes with 'new' Windows Explorer based on ribbon approach which is similar to Microsoft Office   ribbon style.  The new Windows Explorer based put the most important and frequent use commands in very prominent, front and center locations, it makes it easy to find and reached commands also predictably.

Using the similar ribbon approach to Microsoft Office, meaning users will be familiar with the model and need not have to re-learn the way how new Windows Explorer works.  It provides a consistent, menu-based, ribbon approach user interfaces to users from Windows 8 to Microsoft Office.

Below are some snapshots of the new ribbon based Windows 8 Windows Explorer that I would like to share with you:

New Windows Explorer

Folders under the Libraries folder will share the same Explorer tab/functions:

  • The Home tab - focus on the common and frequent use command and these commands are put all the major in prominent locations: for e.g. Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename, Cut, and Properties.

  • The Share tab - focus on sharing files by zipping and emailing them to a friend, or burning them to optical media. You can share files with others by providing proper access visa the interface here.

  • The View tab - focus on personal customization here, you may customize Navigation pane, Preview pane, Details pane and more.  Check out 

  • The Manage tab - Here, you will be able to manage your library for e.g. view and change this library's settings or you may set save locations for e.g. select the folder that will be used as the default save location for library.

Each folder under the Libraries has its respective folder tool now, below are the respective tools under Music, Picture & Videos folder:

  • The Music Tools

  • The Picture Tools

  • The Videos Tools

  • The Picture Tools

On the Computer,  Local Disc (C:), you may find the following:
  • The File tab - Open command prompt, Windows PowerShell and Delete history can be found here

  • The Home tab

  •  The Share tab - sharing are done here.

  •  The View tab  - customization can be done here

  •  The Manage tab -  BitLocker, Optimize, Cleanup & Format are all here on the the manage tab, it makes management of disc much easier, it is one of the favorites tab :)

The new Windows Explorer has improved a lot from the functionality to the easy to reached function, I am sure you will like the new interface when you start to using Windows 8 later.  :)

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